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SPOILER ALERT! Major details from Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life are ahead, so read on at your own risk…

If you had all the feels about the final four words in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, you're in good company. Scott Patterson, who plays diner owner and Lorelai's now-husband Luke, is right there with you — and he's sharing those feeling on EW's What to Watch podcast, hosted by Ray Rahman and Amy Wilkinson.

"It makes a lot of sense," he says of how he reacted to the shocker of an ending, in which Rory (Alexis Bledel) reveals to Lorelai (Lauren Graham) that she's pregnant, upon first reading the scene in the script. "I wasn't expecting that, but I mean life goes on, right? Somebody's got to become grandparents and somebody has to experience being a parent. As we all mature, why can't Rory mature? Why can't she have a family? It's time, right?"

"She's 32 years old, so I think it's really appropriate. I think it's the logical next step in this thing we call life and she's experiencing it and it's natural. It's just organic and natural and kind of obvious that it should be that, right? I don't know why I was so surprised to read it because it was just sort of staring everybody in the face, like this is what's going to happen next! Why is anybody shocked?" Plus, it feels very full circle, and it's far from where comparisons end.

Rory's college boyfriend Logan (Matt Czuchry) could possibly be the father of that child as the pair we're sleeping together for most of the revival. Bledel and creator Amy Sherman-Palladino have previously likened him to Rory's father, Christopher (David Sutcliffe), but what about another ex, Jess? (First boyfriend Dean is married, so leaving him out of this.) If Logan is a parallel to Christopher, then could Jess be one to Luke? Jess did give Rory a loving, longing look from afar in that final episode, and Luke loved Lorelai from a distance for years as Christopher and other men came in and out of her life.

Patterson certainly thinks so, and agrees about the Logan-Christopher parallel. "Let's think of it in terms of who is Amy going to set up to fight for Rory's affection," Patterson ponders. "Will it be she's carrying Logan's child and Jess is going to fight for her because Logan's going to be schmucky, or is Logan, the rich guy, going to fight for her and Jess is going to be schmucky? I don't know. I'm thinking it's Logan's kid and Jess is going to fight for her."

So, this is good news for those #TeamJess fans? "Probably."

And speaking of Luke's love for Lorelai, the pair did finally tie the knot — albeit, fans didn't get to see the "official" ceremony— and the proposal scene was a big one. Basically, Lorelai returns after some serious self-reflection in nature, and Luke thinks she's going to break up with him so he pours his heart out, telling her how much he loves her in hopes that she'll stay with him. Turns out, she doesn't want to leave, but says she thinks they should get married.

"For me that was the scene of the entire arc of Luke," Patterson says. "Seven years, plus four episodes, was leading up to that speech in that kitchen and the string on the bow was very taut and he let it fly. The arrows flew on that one. He really showed her how he felt. He didn't hold anything back, and it was just a remarkable moment, probably my favorite work I have ever done in front of a camera, definitely my favorite work I've ever done on the show."

For more from Patterson's interview — including the potential for more from the series, and what Luke and Kiefer Sutherland's friendship is really like — subscribe and listen to the podcast, and send your questions and comments to What to Watch is produced by EW's Cristina Everett and edited by Will Malnati of At Will Radio.

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