Emma Stone on Fallon
Credit: NBC

Despite being a longtime fan of Saturday Night Live, Emma Stone never auditioned for NBC’s signature sketch show. She did, however, audition for Nickelodeon’s All That, as she explained to Jimmy Fallon on Thursday night. Unfortunately, the audition didn’t work out, perhaps partially due to Stone not knowing she had to prepare characters ahead of time. What she did come up with sounded pretty fun, though.

“I remember that one was a cheerleader that couldn’t spell what she was cheering,” Stone said. “And then there was another one that was actually pretty nuts: A babysitter who is possessed. So as she’s reading books to the kids, she’ll go like “Goldilocks and the [sudden deep voice] THREE BEARS.”

So All That didn’t work out, but considering that Stone is currently starring in the critical favorite film (and possible Oscar juggernaut) La La Land, she ended up doing okay.

Watch the clip below.

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