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Each week, following her live Q&A with the houseguests and with the evicted guest, Big Brother host Julie Chen answers a few questions just for EW about the latest events in the house. Here, she talks about finale night, including why she thinks Morgan pulled out the win over Jason.

Do you think Jason made the right call taking Kryssie to the final three?

I do think Jason made the right decision by taking Kryssie over Justin. Justin, I suspect, probably had a nice following and would have been harder to beat.

What do you think Jason did differently this time around to get him to the finale?

I think Jason came in with a fan base, which helped him stay safe in the beginning. The other houseguests feared targeting him and getting backlash from America. This allowed him to really play the game. And he was good at it.

Of all the Ball-Smashers, why do you think Morgan made it the farthest?

I think Morgan made it the farthest out of all the Ball-Smashers because she didn’t make enemies and she also wasn’t seen as a big threat. She was good at winning competitions just when she needed to but not too much that she would look like a competition beast. She also gave an amazing “bikini girl out” speech that probably won her a lot of fans online. It was pretty epic. I was impressed. She wasn’t a phony. In Big Brother and in life, being genuine will take you far.

Jason has such a big online following — enough to get him voted back into the house this season. Were you surprised Morgan received more votes than him for the win?

I was and I wasn’t surprised to see Morgan win over Jason. I think the last week Jason may have lost some votes because of being a little negative. Also, America loves an underdog and Morgan was sitting by herself with two people against her.

What was your favorite thing about the Over the Top season?

My favorite thing was the unpredictable nature of how America swayed from liking members of one side of the house and then the other. It really made the experience for me, just like our motto: Expect the unexpected!!!

For more Big Brother: Over the Top, read our recap of the finale, plus our exit interview with Shelby. Stay tuned for our interview with Morgan.

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