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When Shelby Stockton got the Big Brother boot last week, she left Morgan Willett as the lone Ball-Smasher standing. Up until that point, Shelby had played a hard-fought game and managed to nab herself two HOH wins and a Power of Veto win to boot. But even though her ally Morgan was HOH, Justin’s care package sent Shelby to the block following Jason’s veto win. With the Late Night Jamboree voting to evict Shelby or one of their own, she was sent packing.

Here, the 24-year-old law school grad from California breaks down her gameplay, what her relationship will be like with her fellow houseguests outside of the house, and what she really thought about America’s influence.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What do you think went wrong? If you could do it again, what would you do differently?

SHELBY STOCKTON: Whenever my friends were HOH, I would just support them in whoever they wanted to target. And when Scott was HOH, I probably should have been gunning for Danielle or Jason to be his target. Or I should’ve just voted Danielle that week so that she would’ve gone home and there would’ve been no tiebreaker — then I could’ve focused on getting out Jason during my second HOH. [So] just trying harder to push my targets early in the season, I guess.

In the past seasons of Big Brother, the women in the house always try to make an all-girls alliance in the first one or two weeks, and they always seem to fizzle out. Why do you think the Ball-Smashers managed to stick together for as long as it did?

Well… [laughs] obviously, Alex and Morgan weren’t going to turn on each other. And I couldn’t stand anybody else in the house. Whitney was the piece that broke off of us. … I did realize that she flipped on us once there were no men in our alliance to make decisions for her. So if we had had just one more strong female player to be in our alliance, I think we would’ve stuck together till the very end.

Being so close to Morgan and Alex, were you surprised when you found out they were sisters?

Yes! I felt so dumb for not figuring it out because they look exactly the same and I heard Alex call Morgan “Mo” like, the first day. But I was still very surprised. They’re from Texas, they look the same… yeah, I just, I don’t know how I didn’t figure it out.

And you had your own secret while you were there, too. Why did you choose to keep law school a secret? How hard was it to keep quiet?

I thought it would get me targeted, which, other people have confirmed. I thought it would be harder to hide it because law school has been literally every second of my life for the past two and a half years. But everybody bought it hook, line, and sinker, my dumb act, so it really wasn’t that hard. It just kind of took a toll on my confidence to not be able to act like I was smart.

When you left, your eviction speech was a little bit harsh. Are there any lingering hard feelings?

I’m not happy that I’ve heard that some of them are trying to call me racist and stuff on Twitter, but I don’t go on Twitter. I’m not very happy about the comments Jason has made about me and my family, but I think I’ll remain friends with Alex, Morgan, Scott, Monte. But I just don’t really want anything to do with anybody else from the house.

What did you think of America having such a big say this season?

It would’ve been interesting to see how America’s influence would have affected the season if it had been 13 random unknown people. But I think one person coming in with a fan base kind of defeats the purpose of the America’s vote and nominee.

Was Big Brother everything you hoped it would be?

I thought Big Brother was just going to be a fun time. I thought it was going to be a good way to distract myself from thinking about my bar exam results. I didn’t realize that we’d be doing competitions for an hour twice a week, and the rest of the time we’d just be sitting around doing nothing. I was expecting this great summer camp good ol’ time, and it’s actually a lot more boring than it looks on TV. They should have more competitions — bring back the Have Not competitions!

So I can also assume you’re rooting for Morgan to win?

Yes! Of course I am, you saw my rap. There should be another video out later today on Alex’s Twitter. [Ed. note: You can watch here.] I definitely want Morgan to win. She was one of my closest friends.

For more Big Brother: Over the Top, be sure to read our week 9 recap and tune in to the finale Thursday night at 8 p.m. EST on CBS All Access.

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