The supporters cited Google and Facebook as their news sources

By Rachel DeSantis
Updated December 01, 2016 at 05:42 PM EST

Last week, president-elect Donald Trump tweeted that he won the popular vote if you don’t count the “millions” of people who voted illegally. The tweet made waves throughout the media for being a completely false claim, but when CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota sat down with a group of Trump supporters, it was clear such claims were blurring the line between fiction and reality.

“Voting is a privilege in this country, and you need to be legal, not like California, where three million illegals voted,” a supporter named Paula told Camerota.

Camerota maintained her composure at first, asking the group of five where they received their information. When Paula claimed she got her facts from the “media,” Camerota pushed for more information until Paula identified CNN as her source. Camerota questioned the validity of the claim until Paula backed down and said, “Well, it was all across the media. If CNN didn’t do it, they were being smart this time.”

Camerota slowly grew more and more frustrated as she realized the group would continue to stand by their belief that three million people voted in the election illegally.

“I think there was a good amount of [illegal voting] because the president told people that they could vote,” Paula said. “That happened in Nashua, we caught some people.”

When asked again for her source, a woman seated behind Paula piped up to defend the claims, and said video of President Obama telling illegal people they were able to vote could be found via Google and on Facebook. Following a search, Camerota found the video in question, and revealed it to be a Fox Business Network clip “deceptively edited” as Obama encouraging illegal immigrants to vote, “when in fact, he said nothing of the sort when you go back to the transcript.”

Camerota then attempted to explain the illegitimacy of the claim, and Paula interrupted her to again say that California allows illegal voting.

“They do not allow illegal…” Camerota began, trailing off as she put her hand to her head in an exasperated facepalm.

Watch the entire video below.