ALL CROPS: The Assistants Play Truth or Drink! screen grab WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE
Credit: Bravo

Andy Cohen got Kelly Ripa and Anderson Cooper’s assistants to fess up some secrets about their bosses in a game of Truth or Drink on Watch What Happens Live Wednesday night.

After a random question about their bosses appeared on screen, each assistant had the choice to answer or take a drink. Ripa’s assistant is pregnant so Ripa was taking her drinks on her behalf.

When it came to “Your boss’s grossest habit,” Cohen’s assistant had no trouble giving her boss up, telling him, “the way you eat Doritos.” Apparently Cohen “sucks the flavor off” the chip, which everyone in the studio agreed was pretty gross. Ripa’s assistant said sometimes Ripa goes to the bathroom with the door open prompting her boss to joke, “How will you know when to wipe me?”

“It’s like we’re all married,” Cohen said, to which Cooper asked, “Do you even have a HR department on your show?” Cooper’s assistant thought Cooper’s grossest habit is “hanging out with Kathy Griffin.”

Watch the full hilarious clip below.

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