Credit: Curtis Baker/Netflix

Sometimes, you just want to watch Stranger Things on a train. Or a plane. Or way out in the Wi-Fi-less boonies where things like the Upside-Down can seem really, really real. And now you can.

Netflix announced Wednesday that members worldwide can now download shows and movies so they can watch them without an internet connection later. And the ability to do so comes in addition to all the usual streaming and at no additional cost.

The new feature is available for phones and tablets on Android and iOS — just make sure to update the Netflix app to the latest version.

“Airplane mode. Road trip mode. Stuck-in-the-subway-for-20-minutes mode,” Netflix announced via Twitter. “Your favorite stories are now available for download any time.”

Netflix isn’t the first to make this possible — Amazon Video and Starz, for example, also allow for offline viewing.