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Credit: John Phillips/Getty Images; C Flanigan/FilmMagic

Punk legend Iggy Pop is lending his musical talents to the big screen for the upcoming Matthew McConaughey film Gold. Iggy Pop wrote the song, which shares the film’s title, in collaboration with Danger Mouse and Gold‘s director Stephen Gaghan and composer Daniel Pemberton.

The film is inspired by true events and follows Matthew McConaughey’s character Kenny Wells, who finds an enormous amount of gold in Indonesia. Wells has to fight to keep his ultimate score from falling into greedy hands who want to take his wealth from him.

Iggy Pop shared his excitement about the project in a statement saying, “The actors and the story spun a web of excitement that left me spent and breathless, so I tried to perform the vocal with that feeling in mind… I found myself at a new level of communication.”

“To say he’s a legend is an understatement,” Gaghan said. “I still have my original Funhouse on vinyl. His voice has the soul of the country and is perfect for our film.”

As the composer, Pemberton explained why this collaboration with Iggy was a wish granted. “The richness of that voice, the attitude behind the delivery. I cannot think of anyone better to collaborate with for this film. Every now and again you get your dream choice. With GOLD we got it -there is no one in the world who could have encapsulated this story better than Iggy Pop.”

Gold will arrive in theaters Jan. 27, 2017.