The song is the second single off October's 'Lady Wood'

Tove Lo’s excellent second album, Lady Wood, is all about climax and comedown: the rush of adrenaline with a new high and the inevitable low that lurks around the corner. The Swedish pop singer released a racy, Lemonade-style video in conjunction with the piece — so eyebrow-raising that users must log in to You Tube and prove they’re over 18 years of age to watch — but now, the clip for album highlight and second single “True Disaster” is available on its own.

At first glance, it seems like Lo and her romantic partner have met the demise of their relationship (as evidenced by the other woman soaking her car in gasoline and lighting it on fire, should you have missed that part), but as Lo told EW this fall, “True Disaster” is about an internal battle waging inside the 28-year-old. Referring to her counterpart, Lo said, “She plays the role of my self-destructive alter ego,” which brings the battle to a new, even more intimate level.

“True Disaster” is streaming below. Lo is currently on tour.