Credit: Suzi Pratt/WireImage

Sia’s “Chandelier” has become a pop standard in the nearly three years of its existence, but it’s never been covered in a fowl manner. Until now.

A video shared Sunday by Nathan Lopez of the Philippines on Facebook of a parrot singing the pop single has made the rounds and has attracted a bevy of views. What’s shocking is that A) the bird actually belts a relatively faithful cover and B) sustains it for two minutes. The parrot only repeats the chorus — which, incidentally, features the lyrics “I’m gonna fly like a bird through the night” — and avoids the verse, but that’s asking a lot of the creature.

Compared to the efforts of young Maddie Ziegler’s dancing in the official music video, or budding crooner Charlie Puth’s cover, the parrot pales. But it’s also a parrot and deserves to be graded on curve for taking on the Australian pop star’s booming song.

See the video below.