A heated discussion about fears of a Donald Trump presidency on Morning Joe Tuesday morning ended with the show’s host, Joe Scarborough, saying, “Hitler is not coming back.”

NBC News contributor Anand Giridharadas appeared on the MSNBC talk show to discuss the fears many minority groups are feeling in the wake of the former Celebrity Apprentice host being elected president. On Tuesday morning, Trump tweeted he thought people who burn the American flag should be punished by either losing their citizenship or a year in jail, and Giridharadas pointed to this tweet as an example of why some find a Trump presidency frightening.

“When I think about the fear [my family] was experiencing at Thanksgiving, it’s not about the flag-burning kind of thing, it’s about the stripping of citizenship kind of thing because we now have a president elect who is actively calling into question the right of people who are already American to remain American,” Giridharadas, author of The True American: Murder and Mercy in Texas, told the Morning Joe anchors.

Although Giridharadas acknowledged there are checks and balances in place to protect people, he’s still scared because there have been times in America’s history where the government has found ways to legalize violating rights. (He pointed to mass surveillance and internment as examples of this.) However, Scarborough said he has faith in the institutions and told his guest he was overreacting when Giridharadas brought up his concerns about the flag-burning tweet again.

“You’re not being rational,” said Scarborough. “The Supreme Court of the United States of America will never, under any circumstances, allow anyone to be stripped of their citizenship because they burned the American flag.”

“If a president were merely to propose it, for me, it would be a tragedy, even if it was a struck down,” responded Giridharadas.

“Well, then it is a tragedy,” said Scarborough. “But, Hitler is not coming back.”

Watch the tense argument above.

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