Credit: Chris Covatta/Getty Images

Matthew McConaughey has been a Wolf on Wall Street and a True Detective, but over the weekend, the actor played his most surprising role yet — “driver.”

After watching his alma mater, The University of Texas, lose their last football game of the season, the Academy Award-winning actor hung around campus and got behind the wheel of a golf cart to give some unsuspecting scholars a lift home.

The Interstellar star wasn’t just randomly driving around — he was participating in the University’s SURE Walk program, which offers free rides to students heading home after a late night.

Providing safe rides home isn’t the only job McConaughey has at the school. This fall, the actor taught a course with director Gary Ross, where the duo did a behind-the scenes-study of their recent film, The Free State of Jones.

McConaughey’s next film, Gold, will be released on Christmas.

Below see proof that McConaughey made sure everyone was alright, alright, alright.