But do these cats love Reese's Pieces?
Credit: Universal; Courtesy Everett Collection

Cats are good for a lot of things: companionship, licking, catching mice, and apparently, recreating iconic scenes from legendary films.

A new Instagram account, @moviecats, features a British man costarring with his two Burmese cats in photo recreations of scenes from E.T., Alien, American Beauty, Ghost, The Shining, and Lady and the Tramp.

The hilarious images hail from David and Sarah Chapman, with the help of their cats, Tara and Willow. David appears in the photos with his pets, but the cats get the true starring roles, playing such classic roles as E.T., the alien in Alien, and Demi Moore to David’s Patrick Swayze in Ghost.

Surely it can’t be easy getting the cats to slip into their roles, so the couple also started another Instagram account, where they share behind-the-scenes photos.

Check out the purr-fect recreations below.