Season 3 of Younger has seen a bike accident, a love square, and a certain erotic novel, but if you ask Hilary Duff, it’s tamer than ever.

Duff (Kelsey) and Sutton Foster (Liza) dropped by the New York offices of Entertainment Weekly to film a scene for this Wednesday’s episode of their TV Land show, and while they were visiting, spilled on what’s next for their characters — and what it was like to work with Jess Cagle, EW and PEOPLE’s Editorial Director, who makes an appearance in the episode.

“We have started this new imprint together and are kind of doing everything we can to be known and be heard,” Duff explains of the scene. “So we get this amazing opportunity to sit down with [Jess], and it’s kind of a funny scene because I think he got forced into the meeting a little bit, or tricked into it, so we’re trying to make ourselves seem important.”

Though the scene is brief, Cagle “nailed it,” according to Foster.

As for the remainder of season 3, fans should expect to see more of Liza and Kelsey dealing with some major decisions. “This season of Younger is a lot less wild,” says Duff. “There are very big storylines that happen, but it’s not as crazy. It’s a little more grounded than the other seasons, and Kelsey is really honing in on getting her imprint to be taken seriously and making a name for herself.”

Meanwhile, Liza’s relationship with Josh has hit its stride, but will an ongoing flirtation with Charles derail the happy couple?

“This season, Liza and Josh have been on,” Foster explains. “[As for the love triangle], there’s so much anticipation in every episode, like on the verge of something all the time. Everybody has settled into these characters and relationships, so I think season 3 is richer than ever.”

Watch the full interview above. Younger airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on TV Land.

— Additional reporting by Robyn Ross

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