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This post contains spoilers about Netflix’s Gilmore Girls revival

As much as Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life answered some of our biggest burning questions — Do Luke and Lorelai end up together? What are the final four words? Does Mr. Kim exist? — it also left us with quite a few new ones. Here are our biggest burning questions after watching the Netflix revival:

  • How is Rory paying for all of those international flights if she’s only written one article for The New Yorker?
  • In one of their mother-daughter therapy sessions, Emily mentions that Lorelai wrote her an abusive letter on one of the birthdays, a letter for which Emily will never forgive her. Lorelai then claims never to have written her mother. So … who wrote the letter and why?
  • Did Rory write all of the stories in the Stars Hollow Gazette? Her three-person team somehow managed to get out an issue and we never saw her reporting anything…
  • Follow-up: Did she use her “lines” story in the Gazette?
  • What exactly is Logan’s job? All we seem to know is that he fell into the family business.
  • What’s Hep Alien up to in the real world? We know Zack is the supervisor for The Roots, and we briefly see Lane selling antiques, but what do Brian and Gil do for a living now?
  • Why wasn’t Emily at Lorelai’s wedding?
  • Where has Mr. Kim been this entire time?
  • How did the Life and Death Brigade manage to shut down all of Stars Hollow? How many fog machines do they own? And since when is there a sporting goods store in Stars Hollow?
  • Why wasn’t Miss Patty at any of the town meetings?
  • Most importantly, is Rory having a boy or a girl?!

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Alexis Bledel, Lauren Graham, ...
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