Credit: CBS via Getty Images

Florence Henderson died last week at the age of 82, and on this week’s Bingeworthy, hosts Touré and Jessica Shaw paid tribute to the Brady Bunch matriarch by recalling their favorite moments from the iconic TV mom.

“There’s this one great moment [from The Brady Bunch] where she’s dancing on stage with Marcia (Maureen McCormick) and they just do this super silly dance together, and, if you think about it, the mom will do anything for her kids,” Touré said, remembering a season 4 episode called “The Show Must Go On??”

Shaw was fond of the moment as well, and revealed another favorite memory in the season 1 episode titled “The Voice of Christmas,” where Carol Brady is struck with laryngitis and daughter Cindy asks Santa Claus to give her mom her voice back so she can sing in church.

“There was just a loving, winning, way about her, so later on, when she’s selling Wesson fried chicken oil, it’s still like, well if Florence Henderson says it’s OK and smiles at the camera, it must be OK,” Shaw said.

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