Credit: AP Photo/Evan Vucci

President-elect Donald Trump had dinner with Mitt Romney Tuesday night in New York City amid speculation Trump might select the former Massachusetts governor and 2012 Republican nominee as his secretary of state.

CNN senior White House correspondent Jim Acosta spotted the two — who were joined by Reince Priebus, the current chairman of the Republican National Committee and Trump’s choice for chief of staff — as they entered Jean-Georges restaurant in Trump Tower, where he was already dining. Acosta live-tweeted his observations, and it didn’t take long for Twitter to erupt with reaction, from jokes about their drastically different facial expressions captured in one photograph, to theories about the dinner being Trump’s way of informing Romney the job wasn’t his, to an array of pop culture references to the likes of Star Wars, Black Mirror, and The Eagles.

See a selection of Tweets below, as well as Acosta’s sideline account of the dinner.

Below is Acosta’s play-by-play of the dinner: