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Credit: EllenTube

You can always count on Carrie Fisher to be brutally honest. Following the publication of her latest memoir, The Princess Diarist (in which the actress revealed the truth of her one-time affair with Star Wars co-star Harrison Ford), Fisher went on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and doled out some of her trademark bluntness to audience members in need of advice. Calling it “Carrie Fishing for Answers,” host Ellen DeGeneres had Fisher respond to audience questions.

The first question was from a woman who wanted to know how to get her family to stop pitying her for being single. Fisher’s response? “Start dating.” Another audience member, who recently turned 30, asked if Fisher had any advice for her 30-year-old self.

“Don’t do anything you’re thinking of doing,” Fisher said. “Just don’t do it. Don’t talk about it either. Don’t tell people everything.”

Watch the clip below.

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