Credit: Veronica Fish/Archie Comics

Of all the titles in Archie Comics’ line-wide reboot, Mark Waid’s flagship Archie comic has remained the strongest, imbuing Riverdale with a new energy that doesn’t miss what makes Archie Andrews’ adventures so timeless. Unlike The CW’s Riverdale, which looks to add a Twin Peaks vibe of gritty mystery to Archie and friends, Waid’s Archie manages to be light and fun while still mining real drama from its teen conflicts. Because of this combination, EW named Archie one of our favorite comics of last year, and the quality has stayed strong into year two.

In the second collection of Waid’s Archie, the protagonist is developing a relationship with Veronica Lodge when the new girl in town’s rich father learns Archie caused major property damage on his estate. With Archie now banned from the Lodge mansion, Veronica has to meet her boyfriend where he lives — literally. In the preview below, Veronica makes herself at home in Archie’s house, and brings along some pricey gifts to sweeten the deal. Unfortunately, bliss can’t last forever.

“Volume 2 of Archie is an honest look at teenage romance — how quickly it can bloom and, heartrendingly, how abruptly it can end,” Waid tells EW. “By the final page, you’ll witness the departure of a beloved character, and the implications to Riverdale are staggering.”

Archie volume 2 — written by Waid and illustrated by Veronica Fish, Thomas Pitilli, and Ryan Jampole — hits stores this week.

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