Credit: Everett Collection

Is it truly possible to live anonymously and off the grid anymore?

In CBS’ upcoming game show Hunted, contestants will try to flee a team of professional trackers use state-of-the-art methods along with traditional tactics to pursue and catch them.

Contestants will be paired up into nine teams of two and try to remain hidden for as long as they can while professional trackers working from a command center use every legal means available to pinpoint their location and “capture” them.

There are some limitations that nudge the odds in favor of the hunters, however. Contestants can’t hop a bus to Alaska, they have to stay within a 100,000 square mile grid in the southeastern United States. But a grand prize of $250,000 awaits those who can remain hidden for up to 28 days.

Hunted was previously announced in September, but now has a premiere date with a big lead-in: Sunday, Jan. 22 after the network’s coverage of the AFC Championship game. The series will then move to its regular time period on Wednesday nights.

The show is certain to draw comparisons to The Hunger Games, The Running Man, and other dystopian sci-fi classics.