It's called 'Wizardhood'
Credit: Murray Close

Young wizards grow up so fast, don’t they?

And yet, Harry Potter fans may not always find themselves with 19 and a half hours to watch all eight installments of the magical movie franchise, so it’s a good thing one enterprising editor has condensed them down to a brisk 90 minutes.

Created by Tim Stiefler, the recut is titled Wizardhood, in a nod to Richard Linklater’s 12-year opus Boyhood. Like its Muggle counterpart, Wizardhood distills more than a decade in the lives of its central characters — Daniel Radcliffe’s Harry, Emma Watson’s Hermione, Rupert Grint’s Ron — down to feature length. It’s the next-best thing to having a time-turner.

Watch Wizardhood above.