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Spoiler alert: This post contains plot points from the Nov. 28 episode of Gotham.

Well, Selina Kyle was right. Her mother is alive, and in Gotham‘s season 3 fall finale, she revealed herself. Translation: Mommy is back in Gotham.

It’s a twist that actress Camren Bicondova, who plays Selina, first learned of in season 2, and one that’s going to send Selina on a different, more emotional journey. “It’s going to affect her greatly because she’s always been very guarded,” Bicondova tells EW. “She’s found herself in this position of vulnerability with Bruce now that their relationship has evolved a little bit more, and now she’s getting hit by the mother bus, literally. She’s always known that her mom left her, but she’s never really known why.”

Not surprisingly for Gotham, this twist could take Selina — whom Bicondova says is more like her mother than she’d like — down a dark path. “Her mom brings out a totally different type of vulnerability from her and she’s kind of a different person,” Bicondova says. “Eventually, it will be a darkness that we haven’t seen before. What scares Selina is how much she unconditionally loves her mom no matter how messed up her action are. That’s also what drives Selina in the coming episodes: ‘How can you love someone who hurt you so badly and still not really take any effort away from your own self?'”

As for how mom’s arrival will affect Selina’s relationship with Bruce, Bicondova says there will be a big impact, though she can’t elaborate. What she can say is that Selina is “confused” when it comes to Bruce. “She’s not going to admit anything for a very long time, at least to herself,” she says, adding, “Every single time something happens where you think it will bring Bruce and Selina closer, it actually shoots them thousands and thousands of miles away [from each other] emotionally. It’s going to be intense.”

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