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Spoiler alert: This post contains plot points from Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.

Heading into Netflix’s Gilmore Girls revival, Rory fans were divided into Team Dean, Team Jess, and Team Logan. Everyone wanted to know which of Rory’s exes, if any, would be the one to ultimately steal her heart. Well, now that all four episodes of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life have been released, we still don’t really know the answer, though we have a good idea. Let’s start with the easy answer…

Team Dean: Long story short, Rory does not end up with her first love. She does, however, run into him briefly at Doose’s Market, where we get the full backstory of what he’s up to. Dean is married — not to Lindsay — and lives with his wife and soon-to-be four kids in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Most importantly, Rory finally gets to tell Dean exactly what he meant to her, because if we’re being honest, she was pretty awful to him toward the end of their relationship (and we don’t even need to talk about the adultery). But thanks to one quick conversation, Dean can leave Stars Hollow knowing that he was the “greatest boyfriend alive” and that he taught Rory “what safe feels like.”

Team Logan: OK, so this one’s a bit more complicated. For most of the revival, Logan and Rory are sleeping together, despite the fact that he’s an engaged man. And it is to be assumed that Logan is the father of Rory’s child at the end of the series. However, the Logan-Christopher parallels — not to mention Rory’s chat with her father — point to the idea that she’s going to raise the child on her own while Logan returns to London to marry another woman. And that takes us to…

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Team Jess: Rory and Jess don’t interact much in the revival, but when they do, it’s impactful. First, Jess is the one to suggest that she write a book about her life with her mother. And in his final moment with Rory, well, let’s just say there’s a glimmer of hope for their future. After Luke asks Jess if he’s “over” Rory, Jess gets ready to leave, but stops, pausing so that he can gaze longingly at Rory through the window. (Translation: He’s not over Rory.)

With that, Rory finds herself in the very same position her mother was in all those years ago: She’s pregnant with her version of Christopher’s baby, while her version of Luke pines for her from a distance. So, there’s an argument to be made that Team Jess probably has the most hope. But in the end, the series not surprisingly puts all men aside and focuses back on the one duo at the center of it all: Rory and Lorelai, and the fact that they’re about to add another Gilmore to the mix.

Whether that’s a happy ending is up to you to decide. But one thing’s for certain: If there’s another Gilmore on the way, there aren’t enough Pop-Tarts in the world…

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