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In addition to pop culture references and guest stars, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life was rife with cheeky wink-winks and nudge-nudges to the original series, which ran for seven seasons from 2000-2007. Ahead, a full list of the many, many split-second references to the days of yore made throughout the four-installment Netflix revival (and make sure to leave any we missed in the comments section).

Episode 1, “Winter”

  • Lorelai continues to drive that Jeep.
  • Luke still has the blue hat Lorelai gave him in season 1.
  • The Chuck Berry: Live at the Filmore record that sat on a table of Richard’s favorite things at his funeral was the very one Rory gave to him early in the series, and later brought to him in the hospital in season 7. Many of the other items on the table appeared throughout the series as well, and the photo of him and Emily is from their season 5 vow renewal.
  • It’s nice to see Lorelai’s magical ability to “smell snow” remains in tact.
  • The Dancing Rabbi toy maintains his residence in the Gilmore home. He was first seen in season 2.
  • Lorelai says “full freakin’ circle” when her mother throws her out of the house… again.
  • Luke’s Diner’s rules sign is still there… but with a modern update. In addition to “no cell phones,” Luke’s doesn’t allow “texting while ordering,” “MAN BUNS,” “taking pictures of food,” “headphones” (“If I can hear your music through your headphones, WHY ARE YOU WEARING HEADPHONES?”).

Episode 2, “Spring”

  • The annual spring charity basket auction, first introduced in season 2, is back.
  • Movie Night at the Black, White and Read bookshop/theater continues to be a local Stars Hollow tradition. As is bringing in contraband eats from outside venues.
  • Yep, Paris is still in love with Tristan. Some crushes die hard.
  • The Puffs are going strong, as Francie reminds Paris during a run-in at the Chilton bathroom.
  • For better or for ill, Logan still calls Rory “Ace.”

Episode 3, “Summer”

  • My, how the tables have turned. Doyle complains that Rory cut down his movie review in the Stars Hollow Gazette, recalling old feelings when he used to do the same to her as her editor at Yale.
  • Rory and Lorelai sat at the pool surrounded by tote bags, something they couldn’t find at the beginning of season 4 when they returned from their backpacking trip to Europe. Better yet, the bags read, “Totes, Y’all” and is from Reese Witherspoon’s Draper James collection. (Witherspoon, of course, starred in the movie adaptation of Wild, which, well, you know…)
  • Stanley, the man handling Richard’s gravestone, is played by George Anthony Bell, who played Professor Bell, Rory’s teacher at Yale, during the original series.

Episode 4, “Fall”

  • Apparently, once a member of the Life and Death Brigade, always a member of the Life and Death Brigade.
  • Logan is still flaunting his real estate. He offers Rory the use of his family’s summer house in Maine to work on her book, much like he let her stay in his apartment rent-free after moving to London in the original series.
  • Emily makes a deal with Lorelai for the money to expand the Dragonfly… just as she did in the pilot regarding money for Rory’s schooling at Chilton. Full freakin’ circle, indeed.
  • Not only do Rory and Dean wind up chatting once again in Doose’s Market, but they’re standing in front of the corn starch! And, of course, Dean ribs her, urging her to “pay for it this time,” a reference to season 1 when she accidentally stole a box after he kissed her for the first time.
  • Miss Celine returns to help Lorelai, er, Natalie Wood, with her wedding dress.
  • Sookie is still a klutz in the kitchen and still making Lorelai’s wedding cakes, since she couldn’t contain her ideas for it in the first go-round.
  • Speaking of cake, did you spot the zucchini patch on it? That’s a reference to when the whole Dragonfly gang slept outside in Jackson’s patch in season 4.
  • Emily’s not at the wedding… and she she wasn’t there when Lorelai married Christopher either.
  • That song that played during Luke and Lorelai’s wedding montage? That was Sam Phillips’ “Reflecting Light,” the same track that played when they danced together at Liz and T.J.’s wedding in season 4.
  • Rory shows Jess her book, much like he did with his own book in the original series.

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