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Negan’s Law may be in full effect right now, but not everyone in Alexandria is going to go down without swinging. Especially when the thing you’re swinging is a katana.

In a sneak peek clip from next week’s episode of The Walking Dead, we see Michonne slicing and dicing some zombies, but what is perhaps more intriguing is what she is whistling while walking down the road. It is none other than “The Farmer in the Dell,” also known as the song Omar Little (played by Michael K. Williams) would also whistle as he strutted down Baltimore streets packing heat and inciting panic on The Wire.

Is The Walking Dead paying homage to the HBO drama? Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman and showrunner Scott M. Gimple are both huge fans of The Wire, and the zombie hit has already cast three Wire stars in major roles (Chad L. Coleman as Tyreese, Lawrence Gilliard Jr. as Bob, and Seth Gilliam as Father Gabriel). Is this latest whistling act by Michonne an homage or mere coincidence? Watch the clip above and you be the judge.

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