Credit: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

Thanksgiving is a time of family, friends, and spitting food into someone else’s face? On Thursday’s episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, host Jimmy Fallon and guest Kevin James tried to perfect the art of spit takes for Fallon’s recurring fave Point Pleasant Police Department.

As with past versions of the bit, the set-up was the same: Fallon and James revealed they had starred together in an ’80s cop show called Point Pleasant Police Department, and proceeded to show “clips” from the series. In actuality, the two stars ran back and forth, from Fallon’s interview desk to a different set, and spit a variety of foods at each other in the name of Thanksgiving.

James seemed to have a little difficulty perfecting the spit-take when liquids were involved, but once the pair got to stuffing, he turned into a true pro.

Watch the messy sketch below.