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Where Gilmore Girls leads, fans will follow — but as they’ve been binging the show’s Netflix revival, they might be missing the familiar sounds of Carole King’s voice in the opening credits.

Have no fear, though — she’s still here! King reprised her role as Sophie Bloom, the owner of Stars Hollow’s music store, in episode 3 of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.

In “Summer,” Sophie appears at the town meeting and is one of the first to sound enthusiastic about Taylor Doose’s idea for Stars Hollow: The Musical. “I love that!” she calls out.

When he asks for volunteers to join the musical’s advisory committee, she joins in alongside Lorelai, Gypsy, Babette, and a few others. After they sit through the show’s first run through, she calls the show “terrific” — basically, everyone likes it besides Lorelai, who is fairly (and justifiably) horrified.

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When Lorelai questions the presence of ABBA songs in the musical’s finale, Taylor admits that doing the nine(!) of them might cause some legal issues — and Sophie offers a solution.

“You know, Taylor, I’ve written some songs,” she tells him. “I’ve never done anything with them, but you can have them for free to sing at the end if you like.”

Taylor asks if they’re catchy, so she goes over to the piano to play him one — and it’s King’s own hit, “I Feel the Earth Move.” But, sadly, it’s not good enough for Stars Hollow: The Musical. Sophie only gets through a few lines before he cuts her off with a dismissive, “That’s not catchy.” (Sorry, Sophie.)

Credit: Netflix

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Alexis Bledel, Lauren Graham, ...
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