In the unsettling — to put it mildly — new film by French director Lucile Hadžihalilović, we are transported to a coastal town inhabited only by young boys and their Stepford-ish mothers. The boys swim in coral pools during the daytime and at dinnertime they are coaxed into sleep by eating a slimy-wormy meal known as medicine.

The movie takes some truly disturbing twists, which will please fans of David Cronenberg, David Lynch, or Gaspar Noé, with whom Hadžihalilović previously collaborated on Carne, I Stand Alone, and Enter the Void. But these two exclusive scenes come closer to the beginning of the film.

The first (above) features the little kid Nicolas (Max Brebant) making a grim but strangely hypnotic discovery involving a red starfish under the sea. And the second (below) sees Nicolas chatting with him mom (Julie-Marie Parmentier) and recreating his ocean vision in a sketchbook.

Evolution is playing in theaters in New York and Los Angeles (plus on VOD via IFC) now. Check out the film’s official trailer and poster (below).