Andy Cohen made a surprising statement while guest co-hostingLive! With Kelly with Kelly Ripa on Friday.

“I have to shout you out for something that you don’t know I’m going to shout you out for, but I had this black dot on my bottom lip,” the Bravo host explained in reference to Ripa. “You said, ‘You have a black dot on your lip that’s not, I don’t think that’s something good.’”

He added that Ripa and her husband Mark Consuelos “were dogmatic that I get it checked out and I didn’t because I was like ‘Oh no, I’m sure it’s nothing, it’s just a black dot,’ and she kept on me and kept on me.” Ripa agreed, saying “I’m like a dog with a bone. He would text me [and] I’d be like, ‘Did you get your lip checked out yet, boo?’ He’d be like, ‘Not yet.’”

It’s a good thing she was persistent, because upon finally getting the dot checked out, Cohen found out it was melanoma and had it removed. He went on to express his thanks to Ripa for looking out for him and being a good friend — and urged people to be careful in the sun and to check themselves.

“I’m glad to see that all that money I spend visiting dermatologists was good for something,” Ripa quipped, adding that this is the third time she’s picked out skin cancer on a friend.

For more, watch the clip above.

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