By Breanne L. Heldman
Updated November 24, 2016 at 01:37 PM EST

There’s no one on late-night television more musical than James Corden, and there’s no one faster on earth than Usain Bolt, so when the pair faced off in a Drop the Mic rap battle on The Late Late Show Wednesday night, it was sure to be epic. And it was.

Corden came out swinging with “After all those races you won in Brazil, you’re about to lose to a man standing still,” and later punched with, “Athletes aren’t great a math so I hope this helps: You have 14 gold medals less than Michael Phelps.” Adding insult to injury, Corden concluded the first round with, “Tell me what it’s like to have a career that people only care about once every four years.”

But the Jamaican was unfazed. “You think you’re a star, but little do you know, most people in here think they’re watching the Kevin James show.” Zing! When Bolt noted, “I run my race in 10 seconds — you last that long in bed,” Corden’s jaw hit the floor.

And that wasn’t the only thing that hit the floor. Watch the clip below.

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