Credit: Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images

Outspoken Hillary Clinton advocate Katy Perry is bracing for Thanksgiving dinner with her Donald Trump-supporting parents.

The pop star shared tips for split-vote families to engage in meaningful, civil discussion following a divisive presidential election. “Heading into my family [Turkey]-Day, I’m mindful about building a bridge thru peaceful convo. Try this guide from @nytimes,” she tweeted Wednesday evening.

Some of the tips from The New York Times piece — which is titled “19 Questions to Ask Loved Ones Who Voted the Other Way” — include offering people the benefit of the doubt and asking thoughtful questions like, “How do you think our views came to be so different?” and “What is a trait you find positive about my candidate?”

Katy Perry is an ardent Clinton supporter who performed at the Democratic National Convention, dressed up as Clinton for Halloween, and attempted to vote naked for HRC. Perry’s parents, however, both voted for Republican nominee and eventual President-elect Donald Trump.

For more tips, head to The Times.