Teen Jeopardy! is here to make trivia-savvy teenagers’ dreams come true — and also shatter them.

On Tuesday, the tournament final saw Alec Fischthal robbed of the winning spot and cash money prize by one measly dollar.

During the final, the three remaining contestants — Sharath Narayan, Alec Fischthal, and Michael Borecki — used their wits and nerves of steel to fight it out for the $100,000 prize. When the finalists were asked by the show’s host, Alex Trebek, which document written by William Bradford was partly inspired by the “mutinous speeches” of some passengers, all three answered correctly with “What is the Mayflower Compact?”

But Narayan, who started the day in second position, was the sharpest mind present. He sneakily placed a wager of $901, which upped his two-day total to $39,701; exactly one dollar more than Fischthal.

Fiscthal’s face when he realized he’d lost his lead, and came in second place by a single dollar, is devastating.

“I’m floored,” said the winner, a high school junior from Madison, Alabama, who thanked his parents for their support. He later shared that “being on Jeopardy! has been one of my lifelong dreams. We’ve been watching it since I was little. I love trivia.”

We imagine Fischthal was left asking, “What is life?”

Watch Fischthal’s reaction in the video below.


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