From their iconic treadmills to an elaborate Rube Goldberg machine, OK Go have a robust history of absurd, one-of-a-kind music videos. They shared another such clip Wednesday: The music video for "The One Moment," off 2014's Hungry Ghosts, was shot in a single, 4.2-second take.

Because the song clocks in at nearly four minutes, the series of 325 colorful events captured in the video — exploding aquariums, bursting water balloons, and more — are slowed down to a glacial pace. "Our fastest frame rate was a little over 6000 frames per second, which effectively slows down time to be 20,000 percent slower than we normally experience it," singer Damian Kulash Jr., said in a statement. "At those moments, we're seeing things move through the air that, in real life, are moving faster than the speed of sound."

Kulash also explained how the visuals of the clip relate to the song's lyrical themes. "The song 'The One Moment' is about those moments in life when you are most alive, the moments that truly matter, the moments when everything changes," he said. "We shot the video in a single moment to bring this feeling to life. We want to show that a single moment can contain so much wonder, so much beauty, and so much change. We hope it helps inspire people to use their moments wisely."

Earlier this year, OK Go shared a mind-bending clip for Hungry Ghosts' "Upside Down & Inside Out," where they took to the skies to film the first-ever zero gravity music video.

Watch the music video for "The One Moment" above.

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