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When Gilmore Girls first introduced Logan Huntzberger in season 5, he seemed like your typical rich college kid: He had everything he could ever want… and more. But as Logan became more of a central character in the show, and particularly after he started dating Rory, fans began to see a new side to the one-time playboy.

“He’s a really strong guy who never really realized how trapped he was by his family and by his father,” executive producer Daniel Palladino tells EW. “We always saw Logan as looking to Rory for salvation because he knew that his family did not want him to be with her.”

It’s an idea that Logan himself might not have realized at first. According to actor Matt Czuchry: “I think he started to grow to realize over the course of the original series that he was trapped by this idea that he was the heir apparent in his family and that’s not something he necessarily wanted to be a part of. That was a big theme for Logan, this idea that he was trapped.”

For Czuchry that theme tied directly into Logan’s relationship with Rory. “What I liked about the relationship with Logan and Rory was that, as fans of the original series will know, Logan’s family wasn’t too happy about Rory and Logan dating, but Logan stuck by Rory despite his family not wanting them to be together,” Czuchry says. “I loved that quality about Logan. He was always trying to fight against those circumstances within his family because he did feel trapped and he didn’t care what they thought. He loved Rory.”

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But that was then. When Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life picks up nearly eight years later, will Logan still be dealing with his family pressures? “There’s a lot of life experiences that have happened in those eight years, so Logan is certainly in a different place when we find him at the beginning of these four chapters,” Czuchry says. And yet, according to Palladino, Logan’s family will still play a big role. “We deal with this in the movies,”Palladino says, “That he’s a guy that was trapped by his circumstances.”

In other words, Logan’s world might not be entirely different than it was when we last left him. And along those same lines, Czuchry assures fans that Logan’s “carpe diem aspect and love of life” are still the core of who he is. Let’s just hope he’s no longer jumping off tall structures with only an umbrella (and a questionable harness) to break his fall. And if all else fails, at least we know that Logan’s ending with Rory in the revival is “very, very special.”

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life hits Netflix on Friday, Nov. 25.

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Alexis Bledel, Lauren Graham, ...
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