See the motion-capture short 'Too Soon?' where they talk Lincoln's desk, 'The Art of the Deal,' drapes

No matter which side of the electrified political fence you were on during the recent presidential election, you were probably extremely curious about that closed-door, 90-minute conversation in the Oval Office between President Barack Obama and President-elect Donald Trump on Nov. 10.

Harry Shearer has done more than imagine what went down in that private meeting — he’s brought it to life. The Simpsons cast member and political satirist has released a short (seen above) that he wrote, and, through the magic of motion-capture technology, he also stars as both the outgoing and incoming commander-in-chief.

The short features Obama showing Trump around the Oval Office, with the conversation covering everything from books (sorry, there’s no Art of the Deal to be found on the wall) to drapes (which begets an inappropriate sex joke from Trump) to Obama’s desk, which is actually Abraham Lincoln’s desk on loan from a museum, and not an arrangement that Trump is happy about (“I mean, this has been the desk of two Presidents,” he tells Obama. “Now they can charge twice as much. The museum’s laughing at us”).

As it turns out, this two-minute short serves as a teaser for a weekly series titled Too Soon? that Shearer is planning. “It will satirize and comment on the weekly events in Donald Trump’s Presidency,” the actor said in a statement. “I created a scene that everybody was talking about but no one had seen. I wanted to do this to start what I think is a future, if not the future, of topical sketch comedy. With Donald Trump now set to be President, this could be comedy gold for the next four years.”

Shearer has experience playing president, starring as Richard Nixon in the web series Nixon’s The One, which he based on Nixon’s Oval Office recordings.

John MacInnes and Remington Scott of MacInnes Scott directed and produced the Too Soon? short. The pair, who worked together on the video game Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, are aiming to release a VR version of Too Soon? where viewers will transport themselves in the Oval Office.