Bad-mouthing Pretty Woman to Billy Eichner? Big mistake. Big. Huge.

In a new clip from Billy on the Street, the actor and comedian lays into a passerby who has the audacity to speak ill of the 1990 Julia Roberts rom-com.

“That’s a terrible movie,” the unidentified man says when Eichner brings it up. “It’s a lesson that your daughters can grow up to be a prostitute and it’s all going to be okay.”

“Excuse me,” Eichner cuts in. “So now you’re slut-shaming prostitutes? Some people have no choice. That one was lucky to have met Richard Gere!”

Steamrolling his unsuspecting guest (and dropping a Ghostbusters callback), Eichner continues, “So you’re okay with someone busting a fictional ghost, but you’re not okay with a woman that’s forced into prostitution because of whatever condition her life was in at the time?”

Finally, the man gives in. “Well now I’ve got to go watch that movie again,” he says.

Watch the full exchange above.

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