The actor discusses his criminal role in 'Trespass Against Us'

By Derek Lawrence
November 22, 2016 at 11:13 PM EST

Trespass Against Us

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Throughout his career, Michael Fassbender has played quite a variety of roles, from Magneto to Steve Jobs. While there are many ways to get inside a character, the actor finds that clothing plays a crucial role.

During a recent interview with EW, Fassbender gave some insight into his upcoming film, Trespass Against Us, where he stars as family man Chad Cutler, who is trying to part from his father’s (Brendan Gleeson) ruthless gang. The two-time Oscar nominee revealed that finding the perfect attire was key.

“Inhabiting them correctly would always be the worry for myself,” he shares. “The clothes maketh the man, type thing, that’s always the last stage for the characters. Tracksuit bottoms, I enjoy wearing them anyways, maybe the vests. For sure, that gives me extra sort of feeling of being in their skin.”

For the actor’s costar Lyndsey Marshal, who plays his wife in the British crime drama, it was about nailing the distinct accent. “There’s a kind of immediacy to how they communicate with one another,” she explains. “So for me, it was very much about getting the sounds right.”

Directed by Adam Smith (Doctor Who), Trespass Against Us debuts exclusively Thursday on DirecTV, before getting a theatrical release in 2017.

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Trespass Against Us

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