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With season 3 having just debuted, the hosts of Bingeworthy take a look at The Librarians to decide if it’s a fantastical journey in on its own joke, or a failed attempt at Indiana Jones.

In the clip, hosts Jessica Shaw (EW Radio) and Touré (MSNBC’s The Cycle) prove divided over how much fun could be had with the TNT series. “It wants to be Raider of the Lost Ark, but it’s really The Mummy,” said Shaw. “Maybe with a little Scooby Doo thrown in.” While not far off from the Harrison Ford series, the fantasy adventure series follows a group of librarians in the search of mystical artifacts.

As with most shows tackling the fantasy genre, a reliance on humor and over the top deliveries is key. “There’s something kind of campy about it,” said Shaw in defense of the series. “It’s cheesy, but they all seem to be having kind of a blast.” Stars Noah Wyle, Rebecca Romijn and John Larroquette lead the gang on their diverse adventures, but Touré isn’t impressed with cast. “They called in all these stars from 15 or 20 years ago,” he said, pulling in newcomer Vanessa Williams as added evidence.

While both hosts agree the casting relies on stars famous for their decade-old work, only Shaw stands strong in the belief the series is part of the campy joke. “This is like Sharknado level of acting,” said Touré. “That gets to good-bad, but this is just bad-bad.”

Watch the full clip above.

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The Librarians
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