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During Gilmore Girls‘ seven-season run, Rory’s taste in men… varied. In other words, her three boyfriends were very, very different people. In fact, the only thing they had in common was that, when you put two of them in a room together, they would inevitably butt heads.

But when it came time for the show to introduce Rory’s college boyfriend in season 5, creator Amy Sherman-Palladino and executive producer Daniel Palladino had a very specific idea for what kind of guy they wanted Rory to date. “We wanted Rory to date her father,” Sherman-Palladino says. “Every girl has a father issue, and Logan was Christopher. Logan was charming, smart, and not quite the dependable soul that you need. Or, at that time, was not the great dependable soul.”

Alexis Bledel adds: “It’s a relationship like the one Lorelai and Christohper had in their youth. They do reckless things together. It’s fun but on this lavish scale.”

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However, the idea of Logan being a young Christopher was never introduced to Matt Czuchry, who didn’t quite see things that way.

“I saw this character as somebody who is going to push Rory to be the best that she could possibly be in her personal and her professional life, and to live life in this kind of carpe diem way. For example, there was an episode called ‘You Jump, I Jump, Jack,’ where we saw the first glimpse of who Logan was and how he tried to push Rory. That’s always the way that I came at it.”

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Alexis Bledel, Lauren Graham, ...
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