Things aren’t looking so good for Lightning McQueen.

Disney and Pixar are revving their engines for a third Cars movie, and in the film’s first teaser trailer, which premiered Monday morning, the series’ signature character (voiced by Owen Wilson) finds himself in a precarious life-or-death situation.

The clip begins with the sound of a beating heart pulsing between tense footage of a thunderous stock car race. An announcer’s voice blares over the sequence: “McQueen is fading. He’s fading fast!” he shouts, just as the car’s crimson bumper zooms into frame. McQueen quickly spirals out of control, however, tumbling through the air amid a sea of sparks and fire, just as the trailer cuts to black.

“From this moment, everything will change,” the trailer’s closing titles tease.

“Lightning McQueen, he’s awesome. We’ve got some great new characters, some great racing in it. It’s a very emotional story. It’s a little bit more akin to Cars 1, where you get into a deep emotion with him,” Lasseter previously told EW about the upcoming project’s mysterious plot. “It’s really a special story. It’s very emotional and his relationship with Doc Hudson, and his memory of Doc Hudson.”

Prior to his 2008 death, Oscar winner Paul Newman voiced Hudson in the original Cars movie, though the character (a retired race car) did not appear in Cars 2.

Cars 3 pulls into theaters on June 16, 2017. Watch the movie’s first teaser trailer above.

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