Barry (2016)

Barack Obama may be leaving the White House soon, but he’ll still be around on our TV screens. Vikram Gandhi’s film Barry, the second Obama biopic this year after August’s Southside With You, hits Netflix on Dec. 16. The new trailer depicts the young president-to-be at a crossroads.

After a childhood spent mostly in Hawaii and Indonesia, the young Barack Obama (Devon Terrell) comes to Columbia University in New York City in 1981 and finds himself a little out of place. The son of a Kansas mother and Kenyan father, young Barry (as his friends call him) struggles to fit into the deeply-felt American racial division between white and black, though some note his ability to move between worlds (an ability that would later come in handy during his iconic 2008 campaign, in which Obama was able to talk just as easily to county fair voters in Iowa as black church attendees in downtown Chicago). And as one man reminds Barry at the end, his mixed heritage isn’t something to be ashamed of; it’s what makes him American.

Check out the new trailer above. Barry hits Netflix Dec. 16.

Barry (2016)
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