The 'Black-ish' star addressed post-election woes at the Glamour Women of the Year Summit

By Nick Romano
Updated November 20, 2016 at 08:06 PM EST
Credit: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images for Glamour

Last Monday, Black-ish star Tracee Ellis Ross graced the stage of the Glamour Women of the Year Summit in Los Angeles. As shown in a video she tweeted out on Sunday, Ross addressed post-election woes and confirmed that, no, this is not just a sick and twisted episode from the world of Shondaland.

“I keep hoping that I’m going to wake up and realize that Shonda Rhimes wrote a super realistic and terrifying episode of Scandal,” she told the crowd. Addressing Rhimes in the audience, she asked, “Are we in Shondaland?… And that is a no.”

Kicking things off, she recalled how she initially didn’t know what to say as host of the summit, but she brought the comedy (like with her “primal” reaction to Donald Trump’s election win), in addition to moving words about coping with the prospect of America’s new President-elect.

“For those of us at the pointed end of discrimination, the volume has been turned up, and we will need to amplify our skills as we navigate our daily lives. We must continue to shine undeniably,” she said. “It’s easy to hold a loving space for all of those who feel scared and betrayed, but the real work is finding that same space for those who feel vindicated and proud. We must remind each other that we are free, equal, worthy of respect and safety, even if the world tells us something different. We must continue dancing together, even if that means showing the world that sometimes I need alcohol to find my inner rhythm.”

Ross also acknowledged some of “the amazing things” that happened because of the election, such as wins for Kate Brown, the first openly LGBTQ governor elected in Oregon, and Kamala Harris, the recently elected California senator. “I know they will all use their platforms to support those who feel powerless as we will use ours to be the voice for the voiceless,” she said.

Watch Ross’ opening monologue above.