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Welcome to Fillory, a land of medieval thrones, knights, and not-so-whimsical fantastic beasts. The setting will play host to Quentin and the gang when The Magicians second season premieres in January, and fans can take an early tour of the locale in a new behind-the-scenes video that features clips from the upcoming episodes.

The preview from Syfy shows Jason Ralph (Quentin), Olivia Taylor-Dudley (Alice), Arjun Gupta (William), Hale Appleman (Eliot), Summer Bishil (Margo), and Stella Maeve (Julia) filming scenes set in Fillory, the mystical land where the group end up after their nearly fatal encounter with The Beast.

“Season 2, things get crazier than they’ve already gotten, which you would think would be impossible— it’s not,” Maeve says, while Ralph promises more creatures, people, and context.

As far as the actual footage from the season, we see the group on a mission for a crown, Eliot and Margo wandering the magical throne room, an encounter with some “mean” horses, and confrontations with a faun. Watch the video above.

The Magicians season 2 debuts on Syfy on Jan. 25.

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Based on Lev Grossman’s book trilogy, this fantasy Syfy series follows the adventures of students at Brakebills University, a graduate school specializing in magic.

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