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Even on the virtual highways of Mario Kart, Jimmy Fallon doesn’t stand a chance against NASCAR’s finest.

Drivers Jimmie Johnson, Carl Edwards, Kyle Busch, and Joey Logano gathered on The Tonight Show to see who could translate their real-world success in NASCAR to the colorful and competitive world of the Mushroom Kingdom. Fallon hosted the Mario Kart 8 Challenge, calling it the “real man’s” game before taking first place in a practice round.

“How do you have this much time in your life to be good at Mario Kart,” asked Edwards of the 42-year-old late night host. “Do you have tattoos and stuff?” Soaking up his victory and keeping the humor going, Fallon responds, “I do. On my lower back.”

Before Fallon can truly take the golden crown, the four NASCAR greats must compete to see who will go up against the video game champ. Baby Mario, Lemmy, Luigi, and Yoshi all race against Fallon’s Bowser, but it’s Logano’s Luigi that comes out on top.

“You’re acting like you’re confident, but I know you’re worried and scared,” teased Fallon of Logano’s game face. With Fallon leading the race, a technical malfunction pauses the action for a few seconds. When they resume, it becomes a race to see who can overcome the unfair obstacles.

Watch the video below to see who comes out on top.

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