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Designer and filmmaker Tom Ford opened up a lot about his life and career during his sit-down for PEOPLE’s The Jess Cagle Interview, from his “devastating” departure from Gucci to how he coped with childhood bullying. But during “The Cagle Exercise,” he revealed those fun tidbits we were dying to know from the legendary designer, like: What fashion trend does he hate? What’s his favorite movie? Watch the video above to see (his answers do not disappoint)!

There’s one clothing item in particular that sets him off. “I wouldn’t be caught dead in flip-flops,” Ford shares. “I hate flip-flops on men unless you have the world’s most perfect feet, and then only at a beach resort, never in the city. I think this trend for men in sandals in the city drives me crazy, or on a plane. When you’re on a plane and someone gets on in flip-flops, it’s very strange.”

So what his is personal preference? “I like a boot. It’s the Texan in me.”

While he’s known for creating the sexiest clothing on the runway and red carpet, he says he actually doesn’t connect to that feeling personally. “Rarely do I feel sexy, surprisingly,” he explains. “I think I have this reputation as being somebody who’s so sexual. I think at times in my life perhaps I was. I would like to feel sexy again.”

After leaving Gucci he transitioned into his filmmaking career (he’s releasing his second film, Nocturnal Animals, on Nov. 18) and cites The Women as the film he’s seen the most. “Every homosexual, everybody knows that film,” he says. “By the way, homosexual culture as you and I know it is dying out.”

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And being the most polished, tasteful man in the fashion industry, his last meal would (of course) have the most elegant garnish. “It would definitely probably, I don’t know, be something boring like salmon but also have Hostess Donettes around the outside of the plate.” Maybe that’s the Texan in him too?

Nocturnal Animals
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