Credit: Warner Bros./Courtesy Getty Images

Steve McQueen‘s student profile from his days studying at Bruce Lee‘s martial arts institute was sold at auction on Thursday for $24,361, as announced by auction house Nate D. Sanders Auctions.

The four-page file booklet, titled “Bruce Lee’s Tao of Gung Fu,” includes various notes written by Lee, as well as McQueen’s personal information.

McQueen attended Lee’s Jun Fan Gung Fu Institute in 1967 to achieve peak physical condition to better his amateur racecar hobby and the various stunts he performed in his films. “As a student, Steve can be good because he’s a hard worker,” Lee once told M. Uyehara, author of Bruce Lee: The Incomparable Fighter (via Vice). “One day I went to his place to work out and that guy doesn’t know the meaning of quitting. He just kept pushing himself for hours — punching and kicking without a break — until he was completely exhausted. His gym clothes were completely soaked by the time we gave up.”

Watch a vintage clip below of Lee telling a TV interviewer that McQueen, “that son of a gun,” has the “toughness” required of a fighter.

McQueen would later serve as pallbearer at Lee’s funeral in 1973.