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Georgie’s death on Vampire Diaries reminded me of Katherine’s. Does this mean we could see Katherine again in hell? — Jules

Nothing would make me happier than seeing Katherine again in the show’s final season. And it sounds like that’s not completely out of the question. When asked if Katherine is in hell, showrunner Julie Plec says, “I will confirm nothing, but the visual similarities are not accidental.” Does that mean there’s hope? Maybe. One thing’s for sure: Hell is the focal point of what’s to come. “The big question of the season is: How do our characters fit in this world?” Plec says. “Are they all doomed? Is there a chance for redemption? Can you earn your way back out of a one-way ticket to Hell? And even characters that have been heroes, are they already marked? If so, what the hell are they going to do about it?”

Do you know anything that’s in store for the Once Upon a Time fall finale? — Lindsay

Word on the street is that a question from this edition of The Hot Seat will change from a “can’t say” to a definite “yes” in the midseason finale — and boy are viewers in for some fun.

With Wes dead on How to Get Away with Murder, is Annalise in the clear now because they don’t have their star witness anymore? — Kesy

Au contraire. That’s not exactly the case. “Annalise has been arrested for his murder,” executive producer Pete Nowalk says. “She is screwed more than anything. From her point of view, she is being framed for this and it’s the worst thing that could have happened.”

Will we get more info on why Sandstorm cares so much about Weller on Blindspot? — Red

The second half of the season will unpack why Weller is so vital to Sandstorm and whatever Phase 2 is, but knowing he was spared for some mysterious reason won’t be easy on Weller. “It’s certainly taking an emotional strain on him already and it will just continue to be very difficult for him,” EP Martin Gero says. “But I think he’ll find comfort in his friends, most notably Jane as they get a lot closer over the back half of the season.”

How is the team going to react to Caitlin going all Killer Frost next week on The Flash? — Sarah

Not well. “People will be pretty worried,” Keiynan Lonsdale tells me. “Killer Frost from Earth-2 wasn’t a friendly foe. With Caitlin being scared of her powers, that can also be an issue, because when you push something away, the higher the chance of it being able to take over. That increases the fear. I think the team recognizes that and it’s another challenge they have to face.”

Does Jo not realize that Andrew has feelings for her on Grey’s Anatomy? I kind of ‘ship it, to be honest. — Helene

“I really don’t think she does!” Camilla Luddington says. “I think she feels in the midst of a tornado, there is so much spinning around her head that she’s not picking up on any feelings. I think she’s just happy to have a friend. Even if she had a question about it, I think she’d set it aside. That would complicate things and right now she’s craving simplicity.” In short: Friendzoned!

When will Kara find out about James being Guardian on Supergirl? — Terri

I’d put good money on Kara finding out in the winter finale, but everyone will uncover the truth slowly but surely over the coming episodes. “It’s a little bit like when Chandler and Monica started dating [on Friends], every episode somebody else found out and they had a surprising reaction,” EP Andrew Kreisberg tells me. “Not everybody is going to find out at once. Some people are going to be supportive; who’s supportive is going to be surprising. Some people are going to be incredibly unsupportive thinking James and Winn have lost their minds; their identities will be interesting.”

Do you have anything on Maggie for The Walking Dead? — Kylie

We’ll finally get to see how Maggie and the baby have fared since Glenn’s death. Suffice it to say, Maggie has not lost all her fight, though those at the Hilltop aren’t exactly welcoming given the Saviors’ continued existence.

Anything Timeless? — Francine

When Flynn tampers with the moon landing, it’s a race against time to get the astronauts home safe, thus preventing the United States from losing the Space Race. But while the team is running around NASA, we’ll finally get much more info about the maiden voyage of the time machine.

You’ve been lacking on Brooklyn Nine-Nine scoop lately. — Branson

That’s because I’ve been saving this little tidbit: “In a lot of ways, I think this is going to be the year of Gina,” EP Dan Goor says. “We’re talking about a late season arc where she potentially loses all of her money and has to try to make all of her money back.” So, there’s that.

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