The actress appeared Friday at Santa Clara University

By Oliver Gettell
November 18, 2016 at 12:00 PM EST

Sharon Stone has joined the chorus of voices speaking out about the scourge of sexual assault on college campuses.

Appearing at a symposium at Santa Clara University on Friday, the actress delivered an emotional reading of excerpts from the “Emily Doe letter” written by the woman who was raped while unconscious by former Stanford University student Brock Turner last year.

The letter, which Stone called “monumentally powerful,” went viral earlier this year and sparked debate about the criminal justice system after Turner was convicted but sentenced to only six months in prison. (He was released early due to good behavior, serving three months.)

The woman has not been publicly identified, but in Stone’s words, “There are many Emily Does, many women who have not been heard, and we need to change the culture and the laws.”

She added, “It is an outrageous situation — her situation and this situation and this culture — that someone, anyone, can say that they are a sexual assault perpetrator and continue on with their life as though it has not happened.”

Watch Stone in the video above.