By Christian Holub
November 18, 2016 at 03:42 PM EST

With Seth Meyers hosting, Late Night has become a great place to learn more about the inner workings of Saturday Night Live. On Thursday night, for instance, Michael Che came on the show, and told Meyers about the genesis of the acclaimed Black Jeopardy sketch featuring Tom Hanks (which Che co-wrote with Bryan Tucker).

“It made a lot of sense, because all this comedy seems very divisive and this is kind of a thing that says, ‘Listen, we’re not that different when you really break it down,'” Che said. “We’ve got the same kind of sensibilities, we come from the same places usually, we want the same things. This sketch, I thought, was a good way for people to laugh and say, ‘Oh, we’re very similar’ … Listen, I grew up in Manhattan, in the projects, and I feel like I have more in common with Southern whites than I do with Upper West Side whites in Manhattan. There’s a lot of Jesus and guns and big trucks.”

Che also gave a quick take on Trump’s victory, and the anxiety it has caused among swaths of the population.

“I think people are freaking out, and they probably should, he’s a maniac,” Che said. “But also I hope that we remember that hopefully this government is constructed in such a way that one man can’t undo it all by just pulling a string. Hopefully.”

“We’re gonna find out,” Meyers said. 

Watch the clip below.

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