Viola Davis and Liza Weil weigh in on that big Bonnie-Annalise moment
Credit: ABC/Nicole Wilder

The heartbreaking truth about who was under the sheet wasn’t the only shocking moment during How to Get Away With Murder‘s winter finale.

Realizing that the D.A. is investigating her, Annalise (Viola Davis) fell off the wagon, gulping down a bottle of vodka while burning evidence of her dysfunctional cabal’s past misdeeds. Ultimately, Annalise made her way to Bonnie’s (Liza Weil) house, where her protégé put her to bed — and the two shared a kiss!

Sitting in Annalise’s not-yet-singed bedroom when EW hit the set in mid-October for the filming of Murder‘s winter finale, Davis addresses the impending lip-lock with a laugh. “Listen, Liza and I are always teasing each other. I’m always saying, ‘You know, Bonnie’s going to have my baby,'” Davis says chuckling. “It’s just going to happen. We will have a little blond afro baby and someone’s going to have to be the sperm donor.”

“My guess is it’s not going to be sexual, but that’s my guess,” Davis continues. “I don’t know with Pete [Nowalk], though, because she does kiss Bonnie in this episode, but it’s more out of — well, it could be sexual — but it definitely is loneliness, it’s definitely abandonment, it’s definitely in a drunken stupor; it doesn’t make it any less real, though.”

When EW later spoke with Weil, she was hours away from her meeting with Nowalk about what the second half of the season would hold for her character. “I’m very anxious to find out,” Weil says. “The interpretation of what that is on the page and what that ends up being on screen, especially with this show, can always be very, very different things. Moving forward, that’s definitely going to be there — it’s out there.”

While Nowalk has told EW that the kiss could mean anything, Bonnie has always had an interesting relationship with Annalise that toed the line between mother-daughter attachment and single white female obsession. “Boundaries get very blurred with these people,” Weil says. “There’s a real need to connect and feel seen, so I think that can be confusing to everyone. But I think there’s also a maternal thing that they have with each other. They take turns taking care of each other in a very pure way. I don’t know if it’s going to be as sexualized as people might initially think.”

For her part, Davis hopes the latter half of the season will draw these characters together, especially in the wake of Wes’ death. “I have my fantasy with Bonnie that I would like our relationship to go in another direction, a closer direction, a more bonding [one], because I think I need her more than anyone else,” Davis says. “The barking and pushing her away, I think, is probably a thing of the past, so my prediction is that there will be more of a needing, even as a child needing a parent, and me being the child.”

How to Get Away With Murder will return Thursday, Jan. 19 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC. Pick up next week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly to get a behind-the-scenes look at Murder‘s tragic death, and stay tuned for much more HTGAWM scoop over the winter hiatus!

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